how to find the right recording studio for a band
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how to find the right recording studio for a band

My husband has played with his band for nearly twenty years and they had never created a real recording of their music. I wanted to do something nice for their upcoming 20th anniversary, so I started looking into recording studios in the area where they could put together an album. I was baffled by how much there was to consider when working in a recording studio. That is why I began working on my blog. I hoped to help others trying to find a recording studio learn the jargon and terminology used in the business to make the search a little easier than it was for me.

how to find the right recording studio for a band

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    30 August 2016

    A business huddle room is a great space to have for conferencing with a small team, especially if you need the quiet space to connect with employees or clients who aren't physically present. Since there are many technology options that you could potentially include in a huddle room, you may need some guidance from an audio video company to choose the right equipment. Here are some general tips on planning a system that is both affordable and useful.

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