AV Installation Tips For Your Huddle Room

A business huddle room is a great space to have for conferencing with a small team, especially if you need the quiet space to connect with employees or clients who aren’t physically present. Since there are many technology options that you could potentially include in a huddle room, you may need some guidance from an audio video company to choose the right equipment. Here are some general tips on planning a system that is both affordable and useful.  Start Small You may be tempted to wow your employees with a brand new space that’s packed with up-to-date technologies and features. But in all likelihood, most of your employees will keep it simple and only use a few of those pieces of equipment most of the time. To save money without losing a lot of functionality, ask your audio video company to start with a basic installation package that includes your basic needs, such as teleconferencing capabilities or projectors. If your team has specific needs that aren’t being met later on, that’s the time when you can consider adding advanced features.  Audit the Electrical Space Before You Plan Your huddle space’s AV planning will rely heavily on what the space can already do. There are power capacities to consider, since adding high-powered AV equipment to an outlet extension probably isn’t a good idea. If you need a higher capacity, you might need to use cabling to connect the wires directly to an additional outlet (rather than splitting your usage of a single outlet that’s already in the right room). Adding additional power outlets to the room is another thing to consider with your electrician. No matter how you slice it, the cost of adding extra power to the room can quickly add up; consider these costs in your budget before you start choosing extra equipment.  Find Models that Are Easy to Use Finally, as you choose your equipment, make sure that it will be easy to use for everyone involved. When new employees are trying to use your projector, will there be a lot of frustration in getting it set up? If you need to give clients directions for calling into a teleconference or video conference, how many steps will it take? Consider how people will actually use the technology, and whether it will fit conveniently into the busy workday. This ties back to creating a system that is modest in features but packed in usability.  For more tips, contact a company like ESP Media Productions...

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2 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Home Theater Equipment

A home theater is one of the most fun and exciting home improvements that you can make, but a good home theater setup requires more work than simply throwing a nice television and a set of speakers into a room. A professional audio visual company like Poll Sound can provide you with technicians that can help you create and install a home theater that is both impressive and fit for entertaining. Listed below are two reasons to hire a professional service to install your home theater equipment. Cable Management The single biggest issue that can drag your home theater down is sloppy cable management. This typically occurs when someone tries to install a home theater on his or her own and ends up just having cables and wires bunched up behind the television or receiver and running along the floor in plain sight. Not only can this make your entire home theater room look quite disorganized and messy, but it can also cause a number of technical problems as well.  One of the problems that sloppy cable management can cause is interference, mostly because when video and audio cables from multiple components are too close together or near electrical wiring, they will interfere with one another. This can cause a number of problems, from distorted sound from your speakers to a static-filled picture on your television. In order to avoid this issue, the audio visual technician will typically try to make sure that there is enough space between cables to avoid interference, or they will wrap shielding material around the cable to prevent signal interference. Professional cable management can help you avoid a messy and cluttered room, too. This issue is typically resolved by having the technician or service run the various cables through the walls, under the floors, and even in the ceiling in order to hide them from view. Automation An audio visual company is also a great resource if you want to incorporate home automation features into your home theater room. A home automation component can greatly elevate your home theater experience by adding features that will allow you to do such things as dim your lights, close your curtains, or start all of your audio video components through the use of a single remote or app.  This option can also make the process of settling down for a movie much easier and simpler. For example, the technicians can often set up a system that will allow you to dim the lights, turn on the television, and start a movie all with the touch of a single button. A nice bonus is that the app or remote will often be easy to program as well, which...

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Maximize Your Practice through New Equipment—Options In Articulating Borescopes

For medical professionals, being able to perform the procedures that your patients need in your office can go a long way toward both developing strong doctor/patient relationships and promoting a sustainable business model. Imaging is one of the branches of specialized medical procedures that many general practitioners shy away from, but the development of new technology and equipment can make offering those services more possible. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the specialized options that have been developed in articulating borescopes. Rather than relying on one borescope for a variety of tasks, these specialized pieces of equipment can provide you with a smaller margin of error, providing you with increased confidence in performing delicate and vital procedures. Angioscopes The spread of obesity throughout the United States has long made the threat of heart disease a serious concern for many patients. When symptoms begin to set in and you’re concerned that your patients are at risk of developing serious heart conditions, it’s important that you have a full image of what’s developing. Angioscopes are specially designed to navigate narrow blood vessels and safely penetrate deeper into the lobes of the heart. These more developed images will provide you with the opportunity to more accurately diagnose blockages, allowing you to tailor treatment to each patient’s specific issues. Colonscopes An increased effort in terms of public awareness has led more patients to seek preventative and diagnostic colonoscopies. While these procedures have long ago been perfected, new technology allows them to be performed much more quickly, much more comfortably, and with a great deal less preparation and concern. Articulating colonscopes allow for a full range of motion in the examination without causing extensive discomfort. In fact, the development of more advanced colonscopes has allowed many patients to seek colonoscopies without requiring a general anesthetic, providing you with the opportunity to conduct those tests from the safety and comfort of your office. Otoscopes The ear is home to some of the smallest and most fragile structures in the entire body. As such, the tools used to examine them have to be delicate and highly accurate. Articulated otoscopes provide doctors with the opportunity to see deeper into the ear than ever before without risking uncomfortable disruptions. These tools are very valuable to patients, as permanent hearing loss can develop if ear issues aren’t properly diagnosed. Being able to fully image the inside of your patients’ ears will guarantee that you can provide the care they...

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How To Install A Wireless Security Camera On The Outside Of Your Home

Once you’ve decided the areas on the outside of your home where you want to place wireless security cameras, you then have to install them properly so you get the coverage you want. Here is how you can install a wireless security camera under the eaves on the outside of your home. You Will Need: Extension Ladder Drill 1/8″ Drill Bit Screwdriver Bit Five Gallon Plastic Bucket Paint Can Hook Ladder Placement You want to make sure the ladder is properly placed against the side of your house so it doesn’t slip or fall while you are climbing up on it. Place the top of the ladder against the house under the eave where you are going to put the camera and then pull the bottom part of the ladder away from the foundation of the house. You want to pull the ladder back one foot for every four feet the ladder rises. An easy way to do this is to count the number of rungs on the ladder you’ll have to climb to reach the eave and then divide that number by four (rungs are usually spaced 12 inches apart on extension ladders) to determine how many feet the bottom of the ladder should be away from the house. Install Camera Carry the camera, drill, drill bits, and pencil up to the eave in a plastic bucket (this keeps everything together in one container). You can use a paint can hook to attach the bucket to one of the top rungs on the ladder. Take the security camera out of the bucket and place it against the eave where you are going to install it. Take your pencil and slide it into the screw holes on the frame of the camera to put marks on the eaves where you will be screwing the camera to the eave. Place the camera and pencil back into your bucket. Grab your drill and put the 1/8″ drill bit on it. Drill small holes about a half-inch deep where you’ve marked the eave with your pencil – this will help the screws dig into the wood when you mount the camera. Replace the drill bit with a screwdriver bit. Take the camera and place it so the holes on the frame are over the ones you just drilled into the wood. Drill the screws through the holes in the frame and eave to firmly mount the camera onto the bottom of the eave. You are now done and ready to move to another area where you plan on installing wireless security cameras on the outside of your home. Contact a company like Home Theatre Designs for more...

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Ultimate Electronics For The Ultimate Man Cave

A man cave is not just a room, it’s a way of life. Having your own space to retreat to that was made with you in mind is the perfect method for remaining happy with the setup of your house. If you are looking to create a man lair, you must first make sure you have the appropriate electronics and accessories. Keep reading to find out what you need to buy to make your friends (also known as man cave competitors) green with envy. Go better than a television —  Get a video wall The biggest investment piece that you will make in your room is the television. Rather than going for the standard man room 40 to 60 inch television, invest in a video wall. Your friends will always want to watch the games at your house with a complete floor to ceiling television display. Video walls have several display screens that can show a single show. Though a video wall may seem like a big deal to set up, the truth is that you and your friends could get the installation taken care of in one afternoon. Before putting together the video wall, make sure you have cable tape and enough electrical outlets on the wall of installation. The cable tape can be used to make a rope of cords so that you do not have to deal with too many wires. A local audio visual company, like AV Group, can answer installation questions. Get a Bluetooth sound bar Along with a smart television and a smart phone, get a Bluetooth sound bar. Sound bars are used to enhance the listening experience of television viewing. Sound bars are preferable for speakers to match a video wall, because a sound bar takes up a much smaller amount of space. Many sound bars will also come with a complimentary sub woofer to enhance sound quality in the room. Place the sound bar underneath the wall, or to the immediate side, to make sure your man cave sound is top quality. Select a beer draft dispenser Since you are moving up to a top-quality man cave, it is time to move up to top quality liquor accessories. Get a beer draft dispenser that can hold a keg of beer inside. This can be a refrigeration unit to keep the beer cool, and a dispensing unit to allow a quick beer draft. Stock up the cave with kegs so that you don’t run out during your man meetings. The refrigeration unit can keep your beer in good shape, in the event that you are unable to finish the keg prior to the night’s...

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