how to find the right recording studio for a band
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how to find the right recording studio for a band

My husband has played with his band for nearly twenty years and they had never created a real recording of their music. I wanted to do something nice for their upcoming 20th anniversary, so I started looking into recording studios in the area where they could put together an album. I was baffled by how much there was to consider when working in a recording studio. That is why I began working on my blog. I hoped to help others trying to find a recording studio learn the jargon and terminology used in the business to make the search a little easier than it was for me.

how to find the right recording studio for a band

2 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Home Theater Equipment

Aapo Saarinen

A home theater is one of the most fun and exciting home improvements that you can make, but a good home theater setup requires more work than simply throwing a nice television and a set of speakers into a room. A professional audio visual company like Poll Sound can provide you with technicians that can help you create and install a home theater that is both impressive and fit for entertaining. Listed below are two reasons to hire a professional service to install your home theater equipment.

Cable Management

The single biggest issue that can drag your home theater down is sloppy cable management. This typically occurs when someone tries to install a home theater on his or her own and ends up just having cables and wires bunched up behind the television or receiver and running along the floor in plain sight. Not only can this make your entire home theater room look quite disorganized and messy, but it can also cause a number of technical problems as well. 

One of the problems that sloppy cable management can cause is interference, mostly because when video and audio cables from multiple components are too close together or near electrical wiring, they will interfere with one another. This can cause a number of problems, from distorted sound from your speakers to a static-filled picture on your television. In order to avoid this issue, the audio visual technician will typically try to make sure that there is enough space between cables to avoid interference, or they will wrap shielding material around the cable to prevent signal interference.

Professional cable management can help you avoid a messy and cluttered room, too. This issue is typically resolved by having the technician or service run the various cables through the walls, under the floors, and even in the ceiling in order to hide them from view.


An audio visual company is also a great resource if you want to incorporate home automation features into your home theater room. A home automation component can greatly elevate your home theater experience by adding features that will allow you to do such things as dim your lights, close your curtains, or start all of your audio video components through the use of a single remote or app. 

This option can also make the process of settling down for a movie much easier and simpler. For example, the technicians can often set up a system that will allow you to dim the lights, turn on the television, and start a movie all with the touch of a single button. A nice bonus is that the app or remote will often be easy to program as well, which will allow you to customize or program additional tasks that will be completed when you touch the aforementioned button.

Contact an audio visual company today in order to get the best possible help when it comes to installing a home theater. This type of company can help you out by handling cable management and setting up home automation components.