For medical professionals, being able to perform the procedures that your patients need in your office can go a long way toward both developing strong doctor/patient relationships and promoting a sustainable business model. Imaging is one of the branches of specialized medical procedures that many general practitioners shy away from, but the development of new technology and equipment can make offering those services more possible.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the specialized options that have been developed in articulating borescopes. Rather than relying on one borescope for a variety of tasks, these specialized pieces of equipment can provide you with a smaller margin of error, providing you with increased confidence in performing delicate and vital procedures.


The spread of obesity throughout the United States has long made the threat of heart disease a serious concern for many patients. When symptoms begin to set in and you’re concerned that your patients are at risk of developing serious heart conditions, it’s important that you have a full image of what’s developing.

Angioscopes are specially designed to navigate narrow blood vessels and safely penetrate deeper into the lobes of the heart. These more developed images will provide you with the opportunity to more accurately diagnose blockages, allowing you to tailor treatment to each patient’s specific issues.


An increased effort in terms of public awareness has led more patients to seek preventative and diagnostic colonoscopies. While these procedures have long ago been perfected, new technology allows them to be performed much more quickly, much more comfortably, and with a great deal less preparation and concern.

Articulating colonscopes allow for a full range of motion in the examination without causing extensive discomfort. In fact, the development of more advanced colonscopes has allowed many patients to seek colonoscopies without requiring a general anesthetic, providing you with the opportunity to conduct those tests from the safety and comfort of your office.


The ear is home to some of the smallest and most fragile structures in the entire body. As such, the tools used to examine them have to be delicate and highly accurate. Articulated otoscopes provide doctors with the opportunity to see deeper into the ear than ever before without risking uncomfortable disruptions. These tools are very valuable to patients, as permanent hearing loss can develop if ear issues aren’t properly diagnosed. Being able to fully image the inside of your patients’ ears will guarantee that you can provide the care they need.