how to find the right recording studio for a band
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how to find the right recording studio for a band

My husband has played with his band for nearly twenty years and they had never created a real recording of their music. I wanted to do something nice for their upcoming 20th anniversary, so I started looking into recording studios in the area where they could put together an album. I was baffled by how much there was to consider when working in a recording studio. That is why I began working on my blog. I hoped to help others trying to find a recording studio learn the jargon and terminology used in the business to make the search a little easier than it was for me.

how to find the right recording studio for a band

How To Install A Wireless Security Camera On The Outside Of Your Home

Aapo Saarinen

Once you've decided the areas on the outside of your home where you want to place wireless security cameras, you then have to install them properly so you get the coverage you want. Here is how you can install a wireless security camera under the eaves on the outside of your home.

You Will Need:

  • Extension Ladder
  • Drill
  • 1/8" Drill Bit
  • Screwdriver Bit
  • Five Gallon Plastic Bucket
  • Paint Can Hook

Ladder Placement

You want to make sure the ladder is properly placed against the side of your house so it doesn't slip or fall while you are climbing up on it. Place the top of the ladder against the house under the eave where you are going to put the camera and then pull the bottom part of the ladder away from the foundation of the house. You want to pull the ladder back one foot for every four feet the ladder rises. An easy way to do this is to count the number of rungs on the ladder you'll have to climb to reach the eave and then divide that number by four (rungs are usually spaced 12 inches apart on extension ladders) to determine how many feet the bottom of the ladder should be away from the house.

Install Camera

Carry the camera, drill, drill bits, and pencil up to the eave in a plastic bucket (this keeps everything together in one container). You can use a paint can hook to attach the bucket to one of the top rungs on the ladder.

Take the security camera out of the bucket and place it against the eave where you are going to install it. Take your pencil and slide it into the screw holes on the frame of the camera to put marks on the eaves where you will be screwing the camera to the eave. Place the camera and pencil back into your bucket.

Grab your drill and put the 1/8" drill bit on it. Drill small holes about a half-inch deep where you've marked the eave with your pencil – this will help the screws dig into the wood when you mount the camera.

Replace the drill bit with a screwdriver bit. Take the camera and place it so the holes on the frame are over the ones you just drilled into the wood. Drill the screws through the holes in the frame and eave to firmly mount the camera onto the bottom of the eave. You are now done and ready to move to another area where you plan on installing wireless security cameras on the outside of your home. Contact a company like Home Theatre Designs for more information.